You Lose DismaliciouS & Lax

by xremembrance on June 26th, 2011, 2:51 am
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by xremembrance on June 26th, 2011, 2:51 am

charades over, i don't give a fuck about ds or mg, was using autismal just to win. he's annoying as fuck, you all think i ride him because i can actually put up with his shit unlike most of you. well here's some interesting convos, about the man dismal himself, and there's some lax too (lol, virgin).

Autismals broken cock:

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (4:48:17 AM): ill admit

K1rschwasser (4:48:20 AM): i sent ds a pic

K1rschwasser (4:48:27 AM): but its not like noodz or anything

K1rschwasser (4:48:56 AM): i like ds better than jon, but he gets mad when i call him ds, said its his "nerd alter ego" lol

xremembrance1217 (4:49:09 AM): lol

xremembrance1217 (4:49:14 AM): wow im hurt

xremembrance1217 (4:49:18 AM): i get no special pics?

K1rschwasser (4:49:28 AM): lol i just started talking to u xD

xremembrance1217 (4:49:42 AM): lol

xremembrance1217 (4:49:48 AM): if u send jon a nude

xremembrance1217 (4:49:57 AM): = heart attack.

K1rschwasser (4:50:00 AM): LOL

K1rschwasser (4:50:08 AM): he told me his dick is broken

xremembrance1217 (4:50:14 AM): ...what

K1rschwasser (4:50:23 AM): he told me he tried masturbating

K1rschwasser (4:50:29 AM): and he couldnt cum

K1rschwasser (4:50:39 AM): and then he thought about me and 5 mins l8r hee couldnt cum

K1rschwasser (4:50:44 AM): and he gave up

xremembrance1217 (4:50:47 AM): ...

K1rschwasser (4:50:52 AM): and thought his dick was broken

K1rschwasser (4:50:54 AM): LMFAO

xremembrance1217 (4:51:03 AM): im trying to think of what to say

xremembrance1217 (4:51:04 AM): wow

K1rschwasser (4:51:08 AM): LOL

K1rschwasser (4:51:12 AM): im loling nao

xremembrance1217 (4:51:28 AM): i really cant fathom what to say

K1rschwasser (4:51:34 AM): ahah

K1rschwasser (4:51:44 AM): but shhhhh

xremembrance1217 (4:51:52 AM): lol ik

K1rschwasser (4:51:53 AM): remmeber i never even talked to u ;-)

xremembrance1217 (4:51:57 AM): ik

Interesting little tidbits

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K1rschwasser (1:53:30 AM): hes dumb

K1rschwasser (1:53:53 AM): he got soooo pissed when i was like u dont leave ur house

xremembrance1217 (1:54:11 AM): been there. that was a big mistake lmao

K1rschwasser (1:54:49 AM): LOL

K1rschwasser (1:55:14 AM): he was like it was all a joke until u said i dont leave my house

K1rschwasser (1:55:16 AM): lol

y u lie jon

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K1rschwasser (2:40:12 AM): haahaha

K1rschwasser (2:40:31 AM): i wanna fuck jon actually

K1rschwasser (2:40:43 AM): never had a scared virgin guy b4

xremembrance1217 (2:40:52 AM): lol

K1rschwasser (2:41:24 AM): awww i bet his hands sweat if he holds a girls hands lolol

xremembrance1217 (2:41:32 AM): lol

xremembrance1217 (2:41:56 AM): pretty sure he has social anxiety

K1rschwasser (2:42:16 AM): lol yuppppp

K1rschwasser (2:42:38 AM): he ttold lax he was tamajoring in psychology

K1rschwasser (2:42:46 AM): majoring*

xremembrance1217 (2:42:56 AM): he is

K1rschwasser (2:43:09 AM): NO

xremembrance1217 (2:43:14 AM): hm?

xremembrance1217 (2:43:22 AM): cuz he told me too

xremembrance1217 (2:43:28 AM): so he told you...?

K1rschwasser (2:43:38 AM): he told me computer tech or something nerdy

xremembrance1217 (2:43:44 AM): lol

K1rschwasser (2:43:51 AM): dude he knows NOTHING about psychology

K1rschwasser (2:44:22 AM): hes too fucked up to be a psychologist

xremembrance1217 (2:44:28 AM): ya

K1rschwasser (2:44:34 AM): he said it was cns

K1rschwasser (2:44:46 AM): computer networking specialist i think?

xremembrance1217 (2:45:36 AM): lol

xremembrance1217 (2:45:39 AM): connect not stable

K1rschwasser (2:46:06 AM): lol i loled when he said it and he was like wut y u laff

K1rschwasser (2:46:32 AM): Y DOES HE LIE SO MUCH

K1rschwasser (2:46:56 AM): if i brought it up, he would just stop talking to me

xremembrance1217 (2:47:00 AM): he's embarassed

xremembrance1217 (2:47:01 AM): ya

K1rschwasser (2:47:23 AM): lol

K1rschwasser (2:47:40 AM): i dont wanna hurt his fragile feelings :l

Spoiler: [+]
xremembrance1217 (3:09:17 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:07:30 PM): LOL

xremembrance1217 (3:07:37 PM): ok, hold on.

xremembrance1217 (3:08:02 PM): you're job is one thing

xremembrance1217 (3:08:08 PM): talking to other girls

xremembrance1217 (3:09:22 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:08:14 PM): and yes she believes me.

xremembrance1217 (3:08:21 PM): so who are you lying to, me or her?

Jma2090 (3:08:25 PM): ?

Jma2090 (3:08:30 PM): what about my job

xremembrance1217 (3:08:39 PM): you arent going into psychology

Jma2090 (3:08:51 PM): .....?

K1rschwasser (3:09:35 PM): omg y does he do that

xremembrance1217 (3:09:36 PM): whats he going into? computer something?

K1rschwasser (3:09:39 PM): everything i said

K1rschwasser (3:09:45 PM): he would just put .....?

K1rschwasser (3:09:48 PM): ya

K1rschwasser (3:09:53 PM): some computer thing

xremembrance1217 (3:11:19 PM):

Jma2090 (3:08:51 PM): .....?

Jma2090 (3:09:33 PM): you're an idiot

xremembrance1217 (3:09:41 PM): CNS?

xremembrance1217 (3:09:44 PM): computer something

xremembrance1217 (3:09:58 PM): dude you're making it worse, to both of us.

Jma2090 (3:10:20 PM): um?

xremembrance1217 (3:11:24 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:10:29 PM): shes not exactly happy you've been lying and you're still denying it

xremembrance1217 (3:10:37 PM): "i dont talk to other girls" lol...

xremembrance1217 (3:10:49 PM): you've talked to all the mgo girls.

Jma2090 (3:10:54 PM): what?

Jma2090 (3:11:07 PM): i couldn't care less what you two think but i don't lie

xremembrance1217 (3:11:14 PM): DUDEE

K1rschwasser (3:11:45 PM):


K1rschwasser (3:11:49 PM): im loling irl

K1rschwasser (3:11:52 PM): omg

K1rschwasser (3:12:00 PM): if he was in psychology

K1rschwasser (3:12:14 PM): he'd know that he is a compulsive liar

xremembrance1217 (3:14:22 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:11:38 PM): o brb chinese food here, h/o

Jma2090 (3:13:40 PM): do you have adhd or what?

xremembrance1217 (3:14:33 PM): h/o, gotta get coke, brb

K1rschwasser (3:14:38 PM): lol

xremembrance1217 (3:15:49 PM): k back

xremembrance1217 (3:16:13 PM): you know at this point we really should tell him everything.

K1rschwasser (3:16:23 PM): like wut

xremembrance1217 (3:16:25 PM): if he still denies it, then holy fuck.

xremembrance1217 (3:16:35 PM): that we've been talking for a month

xremembrance1217 (3:16:42 PM): and about him

K1rschwasser (3:16:49 PM): kk

K1rschwasser (3:16:51 PM): do ittt

xremembrance1217 (3:17:35 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:16:59 PM): lia and i have been talking

xremembrance1217 (3:17:08 PM): for like the past month.

Jma2090 (3:17:21 PM): gratz

Jma2090 (3:17:26 PM): i don't talk to her

xremembrance1217 (3:17:29 PM): and we've talked about you.

xremembrance1217 (3:17:30 PM): OH COME ON

K1rschwasser (3:17:44 PM): WOOOOOW

K1rschwasser (3:18:15 PM): tell him how he asked me and iria to move in with him lol

xremembrance1217 (3:18:28 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:17:53 PM): k its gettin bad

Jma2090 (3:18:06 PM): you act like i'm suppose to care about a girl that lives across the country

xremembrance1217 (3:18:08 PM): i know you really REALLY dont trust me now

Jma2090 (3:18:14 PM): i'm not into e-relationships

xremembrance1217 (3:18:16 PM): but seriously u got problems

xremembrance1217 (3:18:23 PM): you asked her to move in with u

xremembrance1217 (3:18:40 PM):

Jma2090 (3:18:27 PM): how?

Jma2090 (3:18:30 PM): LOL

Jma2090 (3:18:35 PM): ok

K1rschwasser (3:18:51 PM): OH MY GOD

K1rschwasser (3:18:53 PM): woooooow

K1rschwasser (3:18:59 PM): this kid has problems

xremembrance1217 (3:19:09 PM): ok question

xremembrance1217 (3:19:16 PM): r u two trying to set me up

xremembrance1217 (3:19:18 PM): he cant b this bad

xremembrance1217 (3:19:21 PM): <__<

K1rschwasser (3:19:21 PM): LOL no

xremembrance1217 (3:19:33 PM):

Jma2090 (3:18:45 PM): that's funny

Jma2090 (3:19:11 PM): you two have problems lol

K1rschwasser (3:19:47 PM): wooow how ironic

xremembrance1217 (3:19:57 PM):

Jma2090 (3:19:45 PM): i don't use aim much anymore because everytime i get on she msgs me

xremembrance1217 (3:19:46 PM): shes not the only girl uve asked to move in with you.

Jma2090 (3:19:52 PM): i had to tell her to stop

Jma2090 (3:19:55 PM): what?

K1rschwasser (3:20:11 PM): LOL WUT

K1rschwasser (3:20:13 PM): HE MESSAGES ME

K1rschwasser (3:20:15 PM): LMFAO

K1rschwasser (3:20:30 PM): omg i wanna fite this kid now

K1rschwasser (3:20:40 PM): i should post our convos on mgo2

xremembrance1217 (3:20:45 PM): no dont

xremembrance1217 (3:20:51 PM): keep it between us

K1rschwasser (3:20:55 PM): ya ik

xremembrance1217 (3:20:59 PM):

Jma2090 (3:20:41 PM): i told her that as a joke

Jma2090 (3:20:44 PM): because shes always like

Jma2090 (3:20:49 PM): oh come to arizona

Jma2090 (3:20:56 PM): oh talk dirty to me

K1rschwasser (3:21:22 PM): thats true i do try to get him to talk dirty hahaha

xremembrance1217 (3:21:23 PM):

Jma2090 (3:21:06 PM): you should see some of the stuff she says

Jma2090 (3:21:12 PM): but i wont go too far

xremembrance1217 (3:21:30 PM): lol.

xremembrance1217 (3:21:37 PM): be honest, have u ever sent him nudes?

K1rschwasser (3:21:38 PM): LOL

K1rschwasser (3:21:41 PM): NO

xremembrance1217 (3:21:45 PM): not naughty pics

xremembrance1217 (3:21:48 PM): but actual nudes.

K1rschwasser (3:21:49 PM): nop

K1rschwasser (3:21:55 PM): i sent him 1 pic

K1rschwasser (3:21:59 PM): and it was a cute1

K1rschwasser (3:22:07 PM): wearing clothes lol

K1rschwasser (3:22:33 PM): lol its funny how he told me he thought about me when he jacks off

K1rschwasser (3:22:41 PM): idk if u should mention that or no

xremembrance1217 (3:22:53 PM): i should just tell him that uve told me everything

xremembrance1217 (3:22:57 PM): but thats up to u

xremembrance1217 (3:23:12 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:21:52 PM): lol

xremembrance1217 (3:22:15 PM): she isnt the only girl uve asked to move in with u, although i dont think i can tell, since i dont want to her break her trust by telling you.

xremembrance1217 (3:22:25 PM): wouldnt surprise me if there was more than those 2.

Jma2090 (3:22:56 PM): WHO? lauren?

xremembrance1217 (3:23:07 PM): ...did you say that to lauren?

xremembrance1217 (3:23:20 PM):

Jma2090 (3:23:10 PM): lauren wanted me to move in with her

Jma2090 (3:23:16 PM): mgo girls are crazy

K1rschwasser (3:23:35 PM): lol

K1rschwasser (3:23:44 PM): he was all over lauren

K1rschwasser (3:23:49 PM): and theyd talk everyday on skype

K1rschwasser (3:23:59 PM): act like u know lauren

K1rschwasser (3:24:02 PM): ad tell him that

xremembrance1217 (3:24:24 PM): no, im not gonna lie lol..

K1rschwasser (3:24:27 PM): kk

xremembrance1217 (3:24:30 PM):

Jma2090 (3:23:44 PM): about what

Jma2090 (3:23:51 PM): i don't lie

xremembrance1217 (3:23:51 PM): well for example

xremembrance1217 (3:24:01 PM): you tell me and everyone else you're studying psychology

xremembrance1217 (3:24:09 PM): but you tell lia you're actually going into some computer shit

Jma2090 (3:24:23 PM): wat

K1rschwasser (3:24:45 PM): wow

K1rschwasser (3:24:58 PM): hes not going into psychology

K1rschwasser (3:25:04 PM): tell him that i told u everything

xremembrance1217 (3:26:34 PM):

xremembrance1217 (3:25:13 PM): lia told me everything lol

xremembrance1217 (3:25:21 PM): thats been said in the past month.

Jma2090 (3:25:56 PM): k?

xremembrance1217 (3:26:27 PM): lol.

xremembrance1217 (3:26:30 PM): thats it?

xremembrance1217 (3:26:44 PM): he has yet to go into detail about anything..

xremembrance1217 (3:26:56 PM): hes avoiding everything.

K1rschwasser (3:27:24 PM): tell him how i only talked to him

Spoiler: [+]
Jma2090 (3:30:02 PM): no i didnt

K1rschwasser (3:30:13 PM): ya he did

xremembrance1217 (3:30:21 PM): Jma2090 (3:30:12 PM): i said i dont talk to other mgo girls

K1rschwasser (3:30:22 PM): LOL WOW

xremembrance1217 (3:30:56 PM): Jma2090 (3:30:34 PM): i dont even care if either of you believe me

Spoiler: [+]
Jma2090 (10:17:48 PM): denying WHAT?

Jma2090 (10:18:25 PM): i wanted her to come to ny and fuck her thats ABOUT IT

Jma2090 (10:18:40 PM): she said she was gonna come here this summer

Jma2090 (10:18:46 PM): and she wanted me to tie her up and stuff

Spoiler: [+]
xremembrance1217 (7:24:56 PM): what about jupiter? (dont even deny that). you were talking before you knew it was a guy.

Jma2090 (7:24:57 PM): if you dont understand this shit im going to block you

xremembrance1217 (7:25:05 PM): and yeah, i dont know why iria would lie, seems strange.

Jma2090 (7:25:10 PM): are you fucking stupid?

Jma2090 (7:25:17 PM): now youre pulling shit out of your ass

Jma2090 (7:25:25 PM): i never spoke to jup until everyone knew he was a guy

xremembrance1217 (7:30:00 PM):

xremembrance1217 (7:25:37 PM): not how everyone else remembers it lol.

Jma2090 (7:25:54 PM): ?

xremembrance1217 (7:26:20 PM): well, clearly theres nothing i can do.

xremembrance1217 (7:26:27 PM): i'm wrong and you're right.

Jma2090 (7:27:01 PM): you can tell her the truth that you were wrong about the stuff you said

Jma2090 (7:27:11 PM): misunderstanding because you're retarded, i'm sure she will understand

Jma2090 (7:27:25 PM): you can go ahead and show her that

Lax gg

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (9:27:47 PM): i have to keep restaring

K1rschwasser (9:27:51 PM): and went offline

K1rschwasser (9:27:54 PM): so lax would stfu

xremembrance1217 (9:28:08 PM): lol

Spoiler: [+]
xremembrance1217 (3:12:03 AM): Gam3187 (3:11:50 AM): peewee herman lookalike trying to talk about people looking ugly

K1rschwasser (3:12:15 AM): LOOOOOOOOOOOL

xremembrance1217 (3:12:19 AM):

xremembrance1217 (3:12:08 AM): shit bruh

xremembrance1217 (3:12:13 AM): i aint dun nuttin

K1rschwasser (3:12:32 AM): i told him i was talking to u

K1rschwasser (3:12:35 AM): and he got mad

K1rschwasser (3:12:44 AM): dont say anything tho

xremembrance1217 (3:12:55 AM): lmfao oh god

xremembrance1217 (3:12:59 AM):

Gam3187 (3:12:33 AM): you look hideous

Gam3187 (3:12:39 AM): and you talk about looks

K1rschwasser (3:13:02 AM): lol mr. jelly

xremembrance1217 (3:13:04 AM): hes still typing

K1rschwasser (3:13:09 AM): dude

K1rschwasser (3:13:12 AM): between me and u

K1rschwasser (3:13:20 AM): i think lax is like in love with me

K1rschwasser (3:13:39 AM): but anywaysssss

K1rschwasser (3:13:44 AM): back to wut i was saying

Spoiler: [+]
Gam3187 (4:46:43 AM): And for he record

Gam3187 (4:46:55 AM): If it were you vs me with a girl

Gam3187 (4:47:06 AM): You may as well start packing

xremembrance1217 (4:47:24 AM): lol...

Gam3187 (4:47:35 AM): Got no game kid

xremembrance1217 (4:47:41 AM): says the guy who gets rejected by every girl he attempts to get with

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K1rschwasser (3:26:41 AM):

Gam3187 12:26 am

The louder you moan the bigger the load

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (4:13:11 AM):

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Have you ever seen the notebook or a walk to remember?

I told my gf that I don't cry over movies it's fake why would I cry?

Guess what happened

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i never watched those gay movies

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you gotta be the man when youre with me xremembrance1217 (4:13:45 AM):lol wtf K1rschwasser (4:14:03 AM):lax is gay

NOTE: The Chat log got fucked up at this point, the names werent in colour, it was all side by side, etc.

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (9:27:22 PM):u there xremembrance1217 (9:27:27 PM):yh K1rschwasser (9:27:29 PM):lax and ds talking K1rschwasser (9:28:57 PM):lax mad at me now K1rschwasser (9:29:07 PM):idk wut ds is telling him xremembrance1217 (9:30:13 PM):probably what happened between us xremembrance1217 (9:30:29 PM):the thing is, still no one rly knows that we've been talking for over a month (Cept ds and mg) K1rschwasser (9:30:31 PM):lol i think so K1rschwasser (9:30:44 PM):lax is gunna cry xremembrance1217 (9:30:46 PM):as far as lax was concerned, i was just annoying u on yt and getting rejected K1rschwasser (9:30:55 PM):ye K1rschwasser (9:31:06 PM):i think ds is telling lax that imma slut n shit xremembrance1217 (9:31:11 PM):btw, i mentioned on mic how player/cj/rt hit on you xremembrance1217 (9:31:16 PM):player and cj were silent ololo K1rschwasser (9:31:21 PM):lol xremembrance1217 (9:31:28 PM):player tried denying at first xremembrance1217 (9:31:32 PM):then it went silent K1rschwasser (9:34:32 PM):lol K1rschwasser (9:34:41 PM):ds giving lax shit K1rschwasser (9:34:44 PM):for talking to me K1rschwasser (9:35:25 PM):im smooth af K1rschwasser (9:37:15 PM):hey do me a favor K1rschwasser (9:37:25 PM):if ds brings up lax K1rschwasser (9:37:37 PM):tell him hes friends with my clan leader xremembrance1217

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (7:02:13 AM): K1rschwasser (7:02:19 AM):lax loves the niggers K1rschwasser (7:02:23 AM):laquisha xremembrance1217 (7:02:33 AM):LOL xremembrance1217 (7:02:48 AM):wow... he tries and acts tough K1rschwasser (7:02:49 AM):u know mez added him and stalks him now lol xremembrance1217 (7:02:55 AM):hes actually a nerdy kid K1rschwasser (7:03:02 AM):lol virgin* K1rschwasser (7:03:14 AM):DONT SAY ANYTHING THO xremembrance1217 (7:03:45 AM):i wont K1rschwasser (7:04:11 AM):hes like a sensitive guy lol K1rschwasser (7:04:27 AM):like ds, but he gets sad instead of mad xremembrance1217 (7:04:37 AM):that makes sense

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (4:39:54 AM):i want ds K1rschwasser (4:40:09 AM):lax barely turns me on K1rschwasser (4:40:18 AM):everything ds said made me wanna cum K1rschwasser (4:40:22 AM):lmfao xremembrance1217 (4:40:57 AM):including how his dick is broken xremembrance1217 (4:41:01 AM):and he has to walk it off? K1rschwasser (4:41:06 AM):idgaf lmfao K1rschwasser (4:41:10 AM):ill fix it xremembrance1217 (4:41:14 AM):that makes me hard thinking about it K1rschwasser (4:41:18 AM):LOLLL xremembrance1217 (4:41:21 AM):ds is pretty cute K1rschwasser (4:41:21 AM):see K1rschwasser (4:41:27 AM):ya hes the cutest xremembrance1217 (4:41:28 AM):i'd blow my load all over his mustache xremembrance1217 (4:41:34 AM):no homo. K1rschwasser (4:41:34 AM):and ill lick it off K1rschwasser (4:41:43 AM):WTF REM K1rschwasser (4:41:54 AM):GIT GUD AIM K1rschwasser (4:42:03 AM):hhaahaha K1rschwasser (4:42:15 AM):how do u suck on a pussy xremembrance1217 (4:42:39 AM):did he ask u that xremembrance1217 (4:42:45 AM):or r u asking me what i do K1rschwasser (4:42:53 AM):thats wut lax said xremembrance1217 (4:42:58 AM):.... xremembrance1217 (4:43:03 AM):oh that reminds me, story time K1rschwasser (4:43:07 AM):i want to suck your pussy K1rschwasser (4:43:09 AM):LMFAO

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (2:58:55 AM):imma skype with nelson now so ill ttyl K1rschwasser (2:58:56 AM):lol xremembrance1217 (2:59:01 AM):lmao xremembrance1217 (2:59:02 AM):hf K1rschwasser (2:59:11 AM):i hope i dont get disgusted or anything >_>

xremembrance1217 (2:59:20 AM):y would u K1rschwasser (2:59:25 AM):lol K1rschwasser (2:59:30 AM):idk ill tell u l8r K1rschwasser (3:08:33 AM):lol hes ugly xremembrance1217 (3:08:48 AM):nelson xremembrance1217 (3:09:01 AM):? K1rschwasser (3:16:16 AM):lol ye xremembrance1217 (3:21:46 AM)

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (2:48:55 AM):looool K1rschwasser (2:49:00 AM):not yet xremembrance1217 (2:49:04 AM):nigga has game, i cant compete with that. K1rschwasser (2:49:08 AM):he does K1rschwasser (2:49:11 AM):tbh K1rschwasser (2:49:15 AM):dude K1rschwasser (2:49:19 AM):i got on his acc K1rschwasser (2:49:27 AM):aand went back to that mg room K1rschwasser (2:49:32 AM):and then ds beat my ass K1rschwasser (2:49:35 AM):and tbagged me xremembrance1217 (2:49:36 AM):LOL K1rschwasser (2:49:39 AM):then i aborted on lax xremembrance1217 (2:49:45 AM):it was stats? K1rschwasser (2:49:45 AM):;-; K1rschwasser (2:49:48 AM):nope xremembrance1217 (2:49:53 AM):oh then it doesnt matter K1rschwasser (2:49:58 AM):ya xremembrance1217 (2:50:00 AM):withdrawal percentage only goes up for stats K1rschwasser (2:50:05 AM):lol ik K1rschwasser (2:50:11 AM):he doesnt care K1rschwasser (2:50:24 AM):he said i could play surv or tourny on his accs whenever i want K1rschwasser (2:50:38 AM):as long as i dont curse lol xremembrance1217 (2:50:58 AM):lo

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (3:26:00 AM):ya we're arguin about that K1rschwasser (3:26:06 AM):hes mad i flirt with other guys xremembrance1217 (3:26:17 AM):nigga needs game

I missed a lot of stuff on DS (there's so much to look through). Missed a few things on lax as well.

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by Shiden-Kaizer on June 26th, 2011, 2:55 am

You know what I'll sit this one out

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by xremembrance on June 26th, 2011, 2:55 am

Lia seems upset.

Spoiler: [+]
K1rschwasser (2:17:19 AM): wow pathetic

xremembrance1217 (2:17:28 AM): wait

xremembrance1217 (2:17:29 AM): me?

K1rschwasser (2:17:33 AM): yup

K1rschwasser (2:17:44 AM): PATHWTIC

xremembrance1217 (2:17:44 AM): you went against the one i asked

K1rschwasser (2:17:46 AM): PATHETIC

xremembrance1217 (2:17:48 AM): lol

K1rschwasser (2:18:01 AM): your whole life revolves around this game

xremembrance1217 (2:18:06 AM): lol

xremembrance1217 (2:18:09 AM): clearly

K1rschwasser (2:18:10 AM): you're NOTHING without it

xremembrance1217 (2:18:12 AM): all i do is play

xremembrance1217 (2:18:13 AM): yh

K1rschwasser (2:18:14 AM): NOTHING

xremembrance1217 (2:18:16 AM): def

xremembrance1217 (2:18:18 AM): yup

xremembrance1217 (2:18:20 AM): NOTHING

K1rschwasser (2:18:32 AM): you might as well kill yourself since you're not in mg

xremembrance1217 (2:18:38 AM): damn

xremembrance1217 (2:18:41 AM): i think i will

xremembrance1217 (2:18:46 AM): brb going into training and nading myself

K1rschwasser (2:18:49 AM): yup, i think everyone will appreciate it

K1rschwasser (2:19:07 AM): you're a bad person

K1rschwasser (2:19:13 AM): with no heart

xremembrance1217 (2:19:20 AM): i am?

K1rschwasser (2:19:25 AM): a dirty fuck

xremembrance1217 (2:19:30 AM): it's ironic that you say that actually

xremembrance1217 (2:19:39 AM): you know nothing about me, but part of that can be applied to me

xremembrance1217 (2:19:49 AM): (the no heart part)

K1rschwasser (2:19:52 AM): i haave no sympathy for people like you

xremembrance1217 (2:19:57 AM): so what'd i do?

K1rschwasser (2:20:04 AM): you're the worst kind of person

K1rschwasser (2:20:08 AM): i really hope you die soon

K1rschwasser (2:20:13 AM): get aids and die

xremembrance1217 (2:20:14 AM): you can keep throwin these insults

xremembrance1217 (2:20:19 AM): but not telling me what i did

K1rschwasser (2:20:21 AM): or something quicker

xremembrance1217 (2:20:24 AM): is just lol

K1rschwasser (2:20:43 AM): y make fake aim convos and send em to lax

xremembrance1217 (2:20:49 AM): loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

K1rschwasser (2:21:06 AM): im done talking to you

K1rschwasser (2:21:10 AM): blocked

xremembrance1217 (2:21:12 AM): i could just post EVERYTHING instead of taking only bits and peices (which is why its taking so long to post)

xremembrance1217 (2:21:17 AM): ;-;

xremembrance1217 (2:21:21 AM): ur gud

xremembrance1217 (2:21:26 AM): try and lie it off like i did with dismal

xremembrance1217 (2:21:34 AM): i did it for a long time, it was a good run

K1rschwasser (2:21:45 AM): i didnt give a fuck about ds

K1rschwasser (2:21:49 AM): i like lax

xremembrance1217 (2:21:51 AM): impress me, get lax to believe everything im saying is fake

K1rschwasser (2:22:02 AM): it is

xremembrance1217 (2:22:02 AM): unless you seriously dont remember sending me this stuff

xremembrance1217 (2:22:09 AM): and i havent even gotten to the good part of it

K1rschwasser (2:22:14 AM): i sent you some shit

xremembrance1217 (2:22:18 AM): cuz the fuckin chat log is messed

K1rschwasser (2:22:28 AM): y involve lax?

xremembrance1217 (2:22:40 AM): im doing it in general

xremembrance1217 (2:22:46 AM): you gave my convo to cj

xremembrance1217 (2:22:59 AM): so im doing this

K1rschwasser (2:23:04 AM): you know you'll NEVER get back into mg

K1rschwasser (2:23:06 AM): NEVER

xremembrance1217 (2:23:12 AM): ya i know, thats why im doing this

K1rschwasser (2:23:15 AM): k

xremembrance1217 (2:23:16 AM): i already told ds i used him

xremembrance1217 (2:23:18 AM): all this time

xremembrance1217 (2:23:26 AM): this actually works out better for me

K1rschwasser (2:23:37 AM): you make me sick

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by carlozuS on June 26th, 2011, 2:59 am


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by CptSlapaHo on June 26th, 2011, 3:03 am


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by Klarry on June 26th, 2011, 3:11 am

Can a mod please take rem's posting abilities away?

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by Windalgo on June 26th, 2011, 3:20 am

You're an idiot if you think half the shit DS says is serious. I'm going to be FUCKED when the logs come out where I ask Iria to be my e-girlfriend.

There's a huge difference between the logs you posted. DS is a character, LAX is himself online. You can't read a chatlog where DS is talking about fucking e-girls or thinking his dick is broken and assume he's being serious.

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by xremembrance on June 26th, 2011, 3:25 am

yes, both of them are virgins.

ds didnt know what a clit was (it's an animal, right?). lax... "suck a pussy"

ds asked lia to move in with him (as well as another girl, possibly more, he's talked to pretty much all the mgo girls)

lax acts big and tells me i have no game and no chance with girls, while hes a fucking helpless virgin while i actually fuck girls.

list goes on, that wasnt even half the shit for ds. there's just so much to browse through and find. i couldnt find the exact part where it shows lax is actually a virgin, but its in there somewhere.

and yes, ds was being serious. i know windalgo already tried to defend him, but believe me, there's a lot more. him joking was his only defense he had when ds, lia and myself had a 3way arguement. you can try and defend him, but i posted the truth. as sad as it seems, ds rly has sexual problems with jacking off, although apparently he a gf who was rly hairy when he went down on her, lol

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by FrostBite on June 26th, 2011, 3:28 am

[quote name="Windalgo"]You're an idiot if you think half the shit DS says is serious. I'm going to be FUCKED when the logs come out where I ask Iria to be my e-girlfriend.

There's a huge difference between the logs you posted. DS is a character, LAX is himself online. You can't read a chatlog where DS is talking about fucking e-girls or thinking his dick is broken and assume he's being serious.[/quote]

Haha, so true. You've known DS for how long and you think he's being serious?

The dude fucks with your heads EASY.

also, rem:

This was slightly funny, but I don't like you so I'm not going to laugh.


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by Dgrown on June 26th, 2011, 3:31 am

In Ds defense, if it ain't about GP it doesn't matter.

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by Windalgo on June 26th, 2011, 3:32 am

[quote name="xremembrance"]ds didnt know what a clit was (it's an animal, right?).

ds asked lia to move in with him (as well as another girl, possibly more, he's talked to pretty much all the mgo girls)[/quote]

How can you read this shit and think DS is being serious? I saw the fucking psn chat, some fucking faggot comes in says "DS you kno wat a clit iz xD" and DS plays into the joke by asking if its an animal. He's not a fucking idiot, if he actually didn't know he would have played it off or ignored the question. Even then, what the fuck does this have to do with the kid being sad. White kids in the suburbs learn what a clit is in 6th grade, on the other hand there's probably some dumb ass inner city thugs who fuck bitches on the daily but don't know the term.

DS asking gurls to move in with him ... theres no way that can be serious. I mean, I guess there's a chance, but if he's doing it to multiple girls that only proves it's his character and not him. Sloandawg posting about meeting Pippy doesn't mean he REALLY plans on it, just because DS is a bigger figure doesn't mean he can't do the same shit.

LAX on the other hand doesn't have a fake persona to defend himself on the internet. If he is hitting on a girl (which he does a lot on MGO) chances are he's full serious, and the furthest his 'fake persona' goes is quoting rap lyrics about being the best.

You're really dense thinking DS is just going to be real with you and talk about his dick over a video game.

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by Windalgo on June 26th, 2011, 3:33 am


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Anime Club
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by Dylan on June 26th, 2011, 3:39 am


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by xremembrance on June 26th, 2011, 3:39 am

im not fixing all those ims. and ds was being serious, i cant stress that enough. if he was joking, he wouldnt be having long legitimate conversations with the girl for a few weeks.

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by Windalgo on June 26th, 2011, 3:40 am

Where's my gurl Megan at? Bby gurl invited me to a rave, so she probably wants to meet in the are el.

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by Dgrown on June 26th, 2011, 3:45 am

You know... this wouldn't be happening if ds would just let rem suck him up. Just let that nigga suck you up, and gone about your business.

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by Shanghai on June 26th, 2011, 3:46 am


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by Windalgo on June 26th, 2011, 3:47 am

Worked for Dura

Worked for L.A.-- err, Snoogins

Why can't I give it a shot?

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by Megan on June 26th, 2011, 3:54 am

i drove all the way to la crosse to meet ety, then we fucked

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by TheUndying84 on June 26th, 2011, 3:56 am

You are all very strange people.