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This lootbox thing is crazy. Whoever thought that having stat increasing items or any kind of gameplay altering items in a lootbox is a good way to proceed is a total moron. All I'm gonna say is good job, great business decision.

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She said
Drink that love don't demand it
'Cause baby I can't stand it
When you look so pathetic
But I can't stop with the rhythm of it
Drink that love
It's like a habit
Feeling like a savage
You know I gotta have it
I, I gotta have it all

You're on another planet
You're on another planet

Follow me, they're gonna follow
'Cause I'm on the inside and they're on the outside waiting
This time I know myself
It's been a long time coming, been a long time coming

New IP just entered my top 3 most anticipated titles. RDR2, TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima. Stealth.Action.Adventure. So hoping it ends up more reminiscent of Tenchu and Onimusha rather than Assasins Creed and Way of the Samurai.

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PWO - pussy whipped owner.

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R D R 2

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I demand an trial by kwikscope

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heil swiftler!

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Whadyu think?

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nig nig nig

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Blast the past, bitches!

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Based on the beta, Destiny > Destiny 2.

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an storm is coming..

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