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Solid007 is now playing with facecam pls scrubscribe

Lia chan got replaced by Zoie

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how pussywhipped are you on a scale of 1 - 10

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Anyone know how many frames per second MGO2 ran at?

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free essays wooh

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Remember Paz? What if not kill?

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Jesus christ HP Lovecraft is hard as shit to read.

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modern day mobile hotspot good enough for 96k

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I'm interested in For Honor. I thought the game would probably be a bust but everyone playing the alpha is saying its great. Some are saying combat feels somewhat like a faster/reflex oriented Dark Souls. Samurai vs Knights (fuck vikings) can easily equal my new MGO if things work out.

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New MGS zombie footage lol

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Did Hikaru Utada marry into an Italian mafia family who was responsible for her mother's apparent suicide? ... 52d067.jpg

I've been seeing some saying Elo hell is fake on Overwatch. OKAY. I believe low GP being blamed on your team in MGO was somewhat bullshit, because it was more about individual performance but, no matter how many gold medals I stack, if my team loses I lose.

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