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Any dick whipped faggots in here?

It's official. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming fall 2017. Finally something worthwhile on the PS4, unless they screw it up.

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Can someone direct me over to the MGO2R post on how to CFW your ps3 by yourself? I only see the one titled "MGO2 is back!" but that one only tells you about contacting others to do it for you.

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You know, every new game demo I play turns me off from buying the game that I was originally planning on getting. Most recent examples are FFXV and Xenoverse.

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Whatever happened to that MGO2 petition? I need it on current gen, otherwise I'm permanently going to switch to playing Dokkan Battle.

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Konami finally gives me something I want again: ... Poster.png

I feel terrible about my mgo name :( Pray for KidCudi y'all!

Who are you guys for this election? Personally I rather have Trump over Hilary.

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At least Russia and China will always be our friends, no matter what.

Solid007 is now playing with facecam pls scrubscribe

Lia chan got replaced by Zoie

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